As Chaos Reigns, A Writer Writes

My Tuesday was typically insane.  The kids in the house begging for food every three minutes, spilling things, fighting, getting bloody noses (not from the fighting, that actually would've been supremely epic). Work was piled up and I was in the midst of a huge and complicated programming project.  One that required full attention that I couldn't give, but struggled to. A friend of mine called and they were in some measure of emotional distress, so while I was talking with them to help offer what little support I could (just being there is sometimes a great gift to someone), the dog started yipping because he had to get outside and relieve himself before he soiled one of the few patches of carpet in the…

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Meet Henrietta, I Hope You Hate Her.

This is Henrietta. So part of the reason I've stalled so much in the past week as far as writing is concerned, is because it was Henrietta's time for an introduction, and I absolutely hate the character. "Why create a character you hate?" Exactly.  I need her in the story.  She's a 50-something greedy, reprehensible human being that hides behind identity politics and the "greater good" in order to feed her own ambitions and insatiable hunger for power and control. She's important to the story. She has no redeeming qualities.  She's the hardest character I have in the story as far as being able to empathize, and writing her was something I was absolutely dreading. Until I did.  I had to figure out a way…

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On Writing, Being Productive, and Progressing the Story

I've been quiet on the blog of late, part of that has been "life busy" stuff, but part of that has also been "writing busy" stuff. So I've done a crap-ton of outlining for the book, and I've finally dug my heels in and started writing somewhat regularly.  I've managed to get past the 5,000 word mark, which is a big one for me, as this is the farthest I've made it in any iteration of this story.  The story that has had so many multiple stops and starts it could probably be four different versions of the same book by now. I tend to start, write about 2000 words, not like the direction, then just ignore it. Then I do that again. And again.…

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