Death. Loss. Heartbreak.

I had a writing project two weeks ago that had nothing to do with the Big Damn Book I've been working on. This was neither a project I desired or particularly enjoyed. It was my big brother's eulogy. It centered around him as my hero, my friend, and my brother. That's a 7-year-old me, touching my brother's football helmet when he was a High School Senior. To say I always looked up to him would be a gross understatement. 54 years old, and he passed away due to cardiac failure while having a routine medical procedure on his shoulder which had him under anesthesia. One moment, fine, fun, cheerful, laughing. The next moment gently slipping into sleep, his body relaxed for all of maybe 20…

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The Current Struggle

Two posts in one day? Not really, because while I'm writing this the same day as my previous post, I'm going to set it to post later, but man it would TOTALLY count if I published it right now! Anyway. I'm having an internal struggle, and I need to write some things down to hash it out. My struggle has to do with the awful INFJ thing of "get yourself out there." I consider myself a healthy INFJ - I'm creative, and yes I have my bouts of anxiety and such, but I do understand what it takes to get me on the right path again (basically, everyone go away I need solitude). Part of being an INFJ is having near constant conflict in your…

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Broken Feral Writing Guy

I have managed to crawl out of my hole from time to time to catch glimpses of the real world, but for the most part I've been spending my time either working, or working, or doing kid stuff, or decompressing from all of the working and kid stuff going on. Oh, and there was this: Which, underneath all that purple fleshy stuff, looks like this: Which honestly isn't all that great for trying to fly through typing and shove down 1200 words or so every couple of days. Crushed middle knuckle (dominant hand) aside, I have been getting some writing done on the Big Damn Book, which is lovely, but it has been difficult to get quality steady writing time in with all of the…

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