God Has Given You A Gift

In the summer of 2017, I sent an email to someone I didn't know in the hopes at taking a shot at something I've wanted to do my entire life. I just found out that the recipient of that email, John Corcoran - editor of Century Martial Arts MASUCCESS Magazine, recently passed away. I wanted to share the story of my interaction with this lovely man, and hopefully inspire you to treat others as he treated me. Mr. Corcoran's tribute in the most recent issue of MASUCCESS Magazine is both inspirational and heartfelt. Rewind to 2017 ... I was running my humble little North Country New Hampshire Dojo 4-5 days a week, balancing my day-job with the constant care and maintenance a school of 70+…

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Compassion, Prejudice, Judgment

Sometimes, the most unexpected emotions com from equally unexpected places. I'd like to tell you a story about the last 7 days in my house, a snake, and an unexpected lesson from my son, Jefferson (he's 10 years old). As a kid, reptiles always fascinated me. Cold-blooded creatures are strange, no doubt, and there's such a stigma around lizards and snakes that it's hard to get past feelings of anxiety around them if there's an ingrained feeling that these critters are dangerous, or terrifying. Truth is, they're scared of humans because they see us as giant predators that could eat them. That can make them defensive until they get used to you (I don't blame them). They don't eat people, dogs, or cats, unless you're in…

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