I need to write a story about Chelsea the Chicken. This is Chelsea. I purchased this ridiculous thing at a store on the Maine Coast. There aren’t enough words to express how entertaining I find this stuffed chicken. Just … look at her.

Chelsea the Chicken. Sometimes the absolutely ridiculous things in life can bring you endless joy.

One thought on “A Creative Writing Jump Start”

  1. Hi David..this might be long..unless I delete..I am so glad YouTube decided you would be someone I’d like to watch..its great to see someone who is real..being a baby infj..or istp or intj depending on what questions you ask..I choose infj.. I have been known to doorslam didn’t even know there was a name for it..being 55 I am a digitaltwit..and not really into YouTube I recently discovered this whole world of personality while looking for tai chi clips…your words of loss resonate as I have lost everyone in my family and my best friend too.. i am also a writer..maybe.. and an artist..sort of..can send pics if you want ..I even have a website with covers but somehow the books never make it there even though they are finished..sound familiar…one is about a chicken which is why I started to write this here but its grown a bit…can send too I you interested it might spark an idea..I appreciate your efforts too and I thought the story that you shared about your heart and mind was beyond incredible I could see everything you described and it touched me deeply..I am in Johannesburg South Africa and just completed day 1 of 21 days lockdown..holy cow!! Are we going to survive..I tried to register yesterday might have been cullim my sometime pen name.. thanks for putting yourself out there..linda

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