When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was create stories.

Magical stories of fantastic places. Heroes, Villains, and the massive and complex world of good vs. evil with all of the grey areas between. I’d make stories anywhere. Dungeons and Dragons, online through MUD/MUX/MOO characters. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Always conflict, always a story, always a new world.

Where I started though, was with comics. Drawing, writing, and creating.

To your right is my self-portrait from when I was 11 years old. The ridiculous hero, insecure, terrified, and realizing that every calamitous circumstance he has found himself in is TOTALLY HIS FAULT.

Some things never change.


Fast forward many years and through many short stories, poems, starts and stops of various books (some of which I still have with full golden intention of going back to some day), and I caught a break.

This insecure man whose words you are reading right now ended up taking a shot, and getting a full-spread article published in a major industry magazine for Century Martial Arts. It was a breathtaking thing to see. I received calls from across the country from other martial artists and school owners, asking me about this article, my philosophy, and looking for advice.

The next phase of this journey is my debut novel:

“The Caretaker”

Set to release in 2020, this is a supernatural-world fiction story about a man who must learn to let go of the things he cannot have, no matter the high cost. It’s a wild, mind-bending concept in a vivid world with complex characters and a LOT of grey area.

I want to update YOU on my progress, all you have to do is hang out with me on social media, and sign up for some updates!

22 thoughts on “AUTHOR”

  1. I really loved your opening to your website. And as infj, it’s a relief to me that you have any there contact besides YouTube and Facebook. I look forward to your book!

    1. Thank you so much Kalina! I appreciate that! I’m much happier in the blog space than I am on YT/FB … because of the crowds! Haha. DIGITAL CROWDS! It’s an introverted nightmare!

      Appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Love what you are doing! As a newly discovered infj (at 55 yrs of age and 30 yrs of marriage), I’m rediscovering the person I had left behind or abandoned for other people’s identities. I appreciate your bravery. I’m an artist and music lover, you have inspired me. We are never too old. Thank you.

    1. Hi Janice! Thank you! We are NEVER too old is absolutely right! It breaks down like this:

      1) Find those things that make your heart full.
      2) Do that.


  3. Yay, you have a great website David. Good luck with your up an coming book. Thank you for your support when my brother Leigh died. We had his funeral last week. I ended up speaking, about Leighs life at the service. You gave me confidence that if you could do it, so could I. Thank you David. It was hard, I ended up trembling from head to toe. But needed to it for my brother. Anyway hope your keeping well? Big hugs to you and your dear family. Xx

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you, and I’m so proud of you! I’m sure you did wonderfully! And yes, it’s hard. And I hope neither of us would have to experience something like that again, but just knowing that your words and actions gave comfort to others who were so desperate for it is very fulfilling.

      Best to you, I appreciate you!

  4. Hey David, just checking out your website. It looks AMAZING!! I have to say even though I am a creative person myself…. I have a few people that make me question my abilities. You’re one of them… you have it oozing out every pore of your being. I envy that, I wish I could do that. I literally have to pull it out of myself sometimes, and that is not without many many many different versions first. I’m loving everything you’re putting out there. Can’t wait for the stories… and I’m so glad I get a taste of what your creating by being what I hope is a friend. Pun intended. LOL!!

    1. I should’ve seen that pun coming! And of COURSE! I miss some of those dojo days with you two in there kicking butt, but I’m really happy to keep connecting through FB and on here. I truly truly appreciate you!

      And thank you for the compliment! The site was a lot of work, but once I found a WordPress template that I got some inspiration from, it fell into place pretty well, to the point where I wasn’t angry every time I looked at it. I’m doing my best to create the right environment and presence for myself in a way that lets me get out there and lets me help others, too. And as much as this looks pretty polished (there is still a long list of things I want to fix/correct), that polish doesn’t come with the SAME THING you go through – iteration after iteration to get it just so.

      At any rate thank you! Miss you guys and hope all is well!

  5. Thanks for posting fellow alien. I watched your recent video. Wanted to send a comment/question for your 50th video. Shall I do that here?

    1. Hi Jenny! Here, or just to keep them in one place can you send it through the contact form right here: http://davidbadurina.com/social/

      It’s the Social Media tab up top, just scroll down to the “COVERT EMAIL” and fill in name/email/message. That’ll land right in my inbox! Thanks so much!

  6. Found you:) I can not wait for the book! I will have it asap. Then I will read it asap… (and wish that I could respond to everything as I read it like I do on Youtube, LOL!) Anyway, (not) patiently waiting!

  7. I have been taken in by your YouTube Video’s and because of that have started writing again. Culturally is was difficult being an INFJ and on top of that being a Woman. I don’t look back and reflect “poor me”, I gained strength, patience, and tolerance for life that has been quite an ADVENTURE! Now I can cut loose and be the artist I am and not apologize for what I am, gifted and talented!

    I just pause to think of all of the INFJ’s who lived before the 1940’s……. ‘nuf said…..

    I am thankful that there is a platform now where I can express myself and feel totally …what? stupid? no excepted and encouraged. Thanks David and no “pressure here” but how are you doing on your book…… I started mine when I was 42 (I don’t say this to discourage , but to encourage…) I quit writing about 7 years ago because I let someone who’s opinion I valued, read it, he went on to tell me how this was wrong.and that was wrong and blah blah blah….. SOOO as an INFJ I quit writing in it, not even journal entries. So I decided after watching your Video’s to give it a shot again. After a few pages of ranting, I found it again or I should say I saw it….. Because of ME listening to YOU I was able to scratch this out…..

    The birds are restless with the oncoming winter…. Perched in leafless trees watching and waiting for others to join as they make their southward journey. I can feel the air move as they take flight. The sun beating down on my back warming me through my clothing a wonderful enlivening sense of comfort and care envelope me as I stood there… and then I felt their shadow break the warmth of the sun, it is just so slight at first…. I could feel the air moving and without warning the warmth of the sun is gone the sky darkens the air is quietly rushing about me like a gentle wave upon the sand… and it is gone just a quickly….. a flock of birds turning on a dime gently gliding through the sky, the warmth of the sun is back again on my back…. I feel myself smiling at the beauty of the moment. Watching with joyful amazement how delicately and deliberately they can move…. such precision with what appears to be so little effort.

    The sky is slowly fading into a pleasant evening as the quiet of night approaches…. The sounds of the afternoon are slipping into the quietness of the soft folds of gentle memories. An insistent bark here or there as a reminder to be included in the activity. The birds singing their wonderful songs of the evening and the few wispy clouds floating by, melting into the softness of the moment.

    Thank you
    Planet Ruby

    1. Ruby! That was beautiful!

      First, thank you for sharing it. I know that posting your own writing can be hard, but I’m both proud of you and grateful that you did. Second, it’s beautiful writing, and I hope and hope you KEEP writing! It sucks to have someone you trust lay waste to your words, that kind of critique can sting and I understand how you’d want to recede after that. Lastly, thank you. Thank you for the thoughts and the sentiment. It’s very humbling to think that I had a small part in helping someone re-discover writing and it’s the kind of thing I feel meant to do. I appreciate you so very much!

  8. Yo, David
    I know you probably don’t have the time, already writing books and such. But, if you’re ever looking for anything to write, here are some ideas/prompts of stories I’ve had, but simply didn’t have the time or energy to write myself. I’d be really nice to see somebody write them, so now I’m asking you.

    So many of the stories I’ve read have the main characters parents die, it always seems to be a child losing an adult figure, I’ve been dying to see a story written about an adult losing their child. I think that would be a nice change.

    Another one would be a story, featuring any kind of characters, who are working together to discover different acts of vandalism, robbery, and such. The just can’t seem to crack the case, only ro eventually find out it was them who did it. Their memories were stolen. By who? And why? They need to figure that out themselves.

    Being an INFJ, I think if anybody would write a story like this, you’d be the guy. It would be a series of stories, completely different lives, all connected some how. Some people may be friends, others strangers. But as one thing happens it somehow affects another, and how they react and feel towards these things happening would all be different. Some hardly realize how they are changing somebody else’s life, while others do.

    Last but not least (I tried to make this short sorry) a story in which the main character is an INFJ themselves, and struggle with toxic relationships, and explaining their subconscious ideas and feelings to others. Finally they escape the grasp of toxic narcissistic people. I’d like to see how they escape.
    Thank you, and I hope you consider these are writing ideas. You may change them however you want, or use them as inspiration. I hope you make it far as a writer,
    best wishes.

    1. Hi Christine!

      Thank you so much for this! These are great ideas, I have a lot of elements of death/loss in my current work for sure, as well as a lot of interconnectedness, patterns, puzzles, etc.

      And my main character definitely has strong INFJ traits, and that is a lot of fun to write!

      I appreciate this comment very much!

  9. Hi David!
    I’m really glad I found you on YouTube. I follow INFJ writer as Hagbard777. I’m about your age and I always felt like I was “out of phase”, just not synchronized to the rest of the world. I got along doing “nerd” stuff (SF, hifi magazines, listening to prog rock which I still like. I would love to configure hifi systems which are on a budget but not mainstream brands). I kept to myself most of the time because I thought that words aren’t good enough to express my thoughts and feelings and I never felt “good enough”. After an odyssey I found a job and entered a great team. I had a great manager, about my age, who became a close friend. I got great support and only tried to give something back. She was surprisingly satisfied with my results. I don’t appreciate what I do, success is a matter of circumstance, failure happens due to my limited skills and I am very critical when it comes to my results, I am a crazy perfectionist. I try hard and never make it to the finish line. 97% is not enough for me. I think about things until I break them. We became close friends and I thought we could move on to a level of more meaningful conversation, sharing thoughts and wishes (i totally suck at smalltalk). It turns out that this person felt I violated her privacy and was heading for something … more which I wasn’t.
    So far I made less than a handful of friends in my life and thought she would be one of them. I am ghosted (Deleted on facebook, supposed to stay away, don’t text on WhatsApp, …) All I wanted was to have a good, private conversation to set things straight which didn’t happen in the last five months. Be cool and get over it, that was a friend’s advice. Great concept if we didn’t see each other every work day and the kind of friendship would not be a problem with other guys. I thought I had been more than a fill-in. So my conclusion is: Don’t trust your feelings. Some things may look great, make you feel much better and still be wrong. Loyalty is highly overrated. Whatever I’ll do next will be wrong.
    All I wanted to do was to be there as a friend. That was already too intense. I am still on my way to recover and constant sarcasm doesn’t help either. It’s extremely hard for me to relax and just stop thinking and it also affects my sleep.
    The only way out I see is to get a new job. Ironically the way she was treated by our former employer was reason enough for me to leave as well and she came up with the idea to apply for my current jobs. So I didn’t sign the new contract because it felt like treason. Back in the days (last spring) friendship was a word that might mean something and I was looking forward to that new situation, the two of us on the same level, working and having fun. Funny when someone talks of friendship and it isn’t worth a thing. I should have never opened up to this person but I can’t turn back time.
    I’m reading all I can get about INFJ and I find absolution in the idea that there’s a diagnosis for my handicap. Next year I feel the need to have a close look at my biography. I found someone in Germany who offers that service and it might be worth the €1000.
    Sorry for the long sermon.

    Thank you for your great work. What you do is important.

    1. Hi Leif!

      Thank you for writing – that is a lot going on for sure! Prog Rock fan here – I like Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, King Crimson – some great music in those catalogues!

      That’s a tough circumstance to be sure, and it sounds like for their part they aren’t very receptive to you, so no matter what you do, it’s probably not going to end well. I certainly couldn’t add any further advice beyond what your friend said. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be that kind of connection, and can only be professional!

      Talking to someone who can help you work through those issues would be a good move if it’s not too expensive. Definitely wish you the best of luck my friend!

      Best to you!

  10. Hi Mr. David, saw your video on INFJ thought process very well said. I’m into films as asst director – South Indian film industry. Worked for two movie and into preparation of my own script, the writing process – since INFJ I don’t ask about if they get struck. So I like to ask you, while re-reading and I feel like my energy is not in this scene and it keeps me waiting to module and then once we see our energy in the scene and then come out to four other scenes… Is that our energy is feminine enere, i could feel it and those intuitive… And sometimes rational. What we need to move our script (SE)., It takes more time to finish. Other easily do… Feel like failure sometimes working…

    Looking for more videos from you.

  11. Hi David the website looks great! And here is the link to my art and would love if you had the time to read my about me page I was a little unsure if it flowed the way I wanted it to. It’s short though and would love the feed back from a writer. https://msha.ke/lashianagy1111 and you can find all my paintings on IG @lashianagy1111 thank you so much and I really appreciate the encouragement.

    1. Hi Lashia!

      I like the way it reads! It is short, and I don’t know about you but I’m looking at it on a larger computer screen so it does appear really small. Maybe just a design thing, I like to be able to read a short passage without a scroll, but the words themselves, spot on!

      Just followed you on IG too! Keep that art going!

  12. Hi David!

    I’m looking forward to reading your book!! I’m a 30-year old fellow INFJ that has been through a lot of toxic relationships from family and a past lover, and I’m still learning to love myself more. I still hurt from some of these broken relationships, even though I also know very well that separating myself from them is best. You have been one of my inspirations, and it’s so comforting to just be able to listen to someone who makes me feel less “alone,” as far as thought processes go (even though I am now happily married to an ENFP, all else considered). So thank you so much for all that you do, and I hope you continue making awesome videos!


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