I have managed to crawl out of my hole from time to time to catch glimpses of the real world, but for the most part I’ve been spending my time either working, or working, or doing kid stuff, or decompressing from all of the working and kid stuff going on.

Oh, and there was this:

Which, underneath all that purple fleshy stuff, looks like this:

Which honestly isn’t all that great for trying to fly through typing and shove down 1200 words or so every couple of days.

Crushed middle knuckle (dominant hand) aside, I have been getting some writing done on the Big Damn Book, which is lovely, but it has been difficult to get quality steady writing time in with all of the other life stuff going on. This past January has been the busiest month I’ve had in a long time, so I’ve made limited progress.

I HAVE managed to take my first 8,000 words, and massage it into manuscript format (double space, a specific font, 1-inch margins, etc. etc.), then craft a 600-word synopsis, and use that to apply to a writer’s workshop/retreat later this year.

The application process is a little nerve-wracking, and worst is that I won’t know if I’m accepted or not until July, so in the mean time, it’s trying to get life to slow down, trying to get more words down and flesh out the story even more, and trying not to kill anyone because I’m out of my mind stressed most days without any kind of break happening.

Well, okay, a break DID happen it’s not the desirable kind. And though that happened right before Christmas, it’s still swollen, still won’t bend, and still providing many moments of curse-inducing pain.

Anyway, that’s the randomness for now. More soon!

2 thoughts on “Broken Feral Writing Guy”

  1. OUCH! a tape recorder is great for remembering writing ideas, I used one in college and its use grew into more interesting stuff like MY impressions and expressions of truth ,and observations and book ideas….like Mars and Earth being interchangeable abodes that mankind leaps… from one to the other, once they have destroyed the one they are on; this “new path” (leap) is to save themselves from their own self destruction( again), by moving to this new planet to populate and survive the end of the world they are on. Again. I won’t spoil the concept so I’ll stop there but its a book or story in the making. Perhaps a book of short stories or essays would be a good idea. Oh, and to change the subject by referring to your you tube video subject about intimacy I refer to intimacy as a communion of souls it is not of the sexual nature..

    1. Hi Ellinor! Thanks for coming by here and reading and commenting! I love when people check out the blog. I DO need to post here more often!

      That was a year ago (the finger break) and it’s STILL not healed. Well it is, just healed wrong is all, I can’t close my hand fully. I can still write though!

      Love the idea of Mars/Earth leaps! I’m such a sucker for great Sci-Fi, it’s probably my favorite genre though not the one I typically write in.

      Thank you so much, I appreciate you!

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