Sometimes You Can’t Word Good

I don't believe in "Writer's Block" because I don't think there's some mythical force preventing you from throwing words up onto a screen. I DO believe that sometimes, your brain is not able to function in a creative way - maybe that's what you'd call writer's block, I just call it, "Having a shit-ass day." There's nothing blocky about it. So what I end up doing when I'm having shit-ass writing days is to find a way to occupy my typical writing time with other things. Editing (a soul-sucking chore, to be sure), or writing anything OTHER than my current work in progress, or polishing up some outlining, maybe a little research, etc. All of these things help the project move along in secondary ways…

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Writing and Blogging and Video, Oh My

So I have this idea for a project, and it's mostly formed around the fact that I'm a technology junkie with a whole bunch of equipment that I MIGHT AS WELL USE for some kind of non-nefarious purpose.   Here's a portion of my basic set-up. ¬†Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera for relatively close-up, documentary-style video, a Newer mic I picked up on Amazon for about 20 bucks, hooked into a basic 4-channel mixer that's plugged into a lovely Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder. If all of that sounds super fancy, it's not. ¬†Okay the camera is super fancy but I've had that anyway and didn't purchase it for this particular project which I'm kind of starting but kind of re-doing (it's a thing with…

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