Holidays are Over, Back At It

So one of the things I’m learning through my own writing journey here is that there is no perfect way for me to write.

I always found myself incredibly jealous of people who have a dedicated writing space, a quiet house, a time set aside to pen their Great American Novel every day. Maybe 2000 words each day, flowing perfectly from their hands, with not a pressure in the world but to create.

But, this is real life. There’s holidays, kids, work drama, arguments, shit breaking everywhere (hello, house, I’m looking at you), snow falling, personal insanity (injuries!), and more.

Yeah. Injuries. Right before Christmas I slipped, fell, and destroyed the knuckle in my middle finger on my right hand. I’m 3 weeks away from that injury, and still at maybe a 30% bend, which does make typing more difficult.

I suppose I could type without my middle finger, but then this sentence would look like this:

suppose could type wthout my mddle fnger but then ths sentence would loo le ths.

So I deal with it. It hurts to type for sure, but progress must be made, and progress is being made! I’m not exactly blogging right now, but an update here or there is good as I’m spending most of my time just working on the first draft of the book. 23,000 words in (big 25K on the horizon hopefully this week).

So in truth, there is no “set time” for me to write. It’s kids, bills, work (two gigs both of which take up significant time), and writing where I can. I try to get down to my amazing local coffee spot once a week to sit there for an hour and throw down about a thousand words, and write here or there at home when I can.

It’s never ideal, though I love writing when I’m at a coffee shop, the variety of the atmosphere helps my scatter-brain have enough stimulation to keep it interested and allows me to refocus every few minutes, which is how I work.

So there’s the update. I’m currently finishing up Act 2 of 5 in the Great Big Insane Novel, and yes I’m worried about various parts of it not being … I don’t know … good. But it’s progress, and I polish and clean here or there as I go, often opening up the pages on my phone for a few minutes when I’m in bed at night and not quite ready to crash and sleep. A little editing is just the right amount of boring to get me to conk out.

So, 25K on the horizon, I’ll check in after that.


I am a walking, talking contradiction. INFJ, martial artist, father of 3 awesome boys, database nerd, aficionado of great music, coffee snob, tattooed, overflowing with at-times crippling amounts of empathy. Now you know me, which means we can never hang out. Sorry, but not really, I'd find an excuse not to no matter what.

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