Writing. Let’s Get It On.

I have struggled of late. I don't know about you, but when it comes to getting words to page, I have to be somewhat settled. It's like writing on paper in a rowboat.  If the seas are stormy, I'm going to have a hard time.  Stress about bills, work, etc. all add to making it nearly impossible to put pencil to paper because the waves are high, the water is spraying everywhere, I'm miserable, and there's probably sharks.  I don't do sharks. But when I'm chill, and at least partially content (or content enough in my own mind that I don't need to be FREAKING OUT about something), it's much, much easier. Writing mood becomes really important.  I've employed a few things to help myself…

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Writing Your First Novel, A Primer

Who am I kidding, this is no primer.  I have absolutely no idea what I am doing! What I can describe, is something that I feel is working for me in terms of writing.  Here are a set of rules that I have loosely constructed for myself.  It changes every day. Write anything.  (I mean this kind of goes without saying, but sometimes I find it incredibly hard to do.) 2.  If you feel the urge to stop / procrastinate / mindlessly scroll Instagram, it means something is wrong.  Figure out what is wrong, re-do it, or fix it.  (I often get that feeling that something isn't right.  When I can't identify it, I look for distractions.  Float around YouTube, shave the dog, vacuum the…

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Another INFJ Blog. Another INFJ Writer.

I actually hate this - staring at a big white page, totally blank, ready for painted words and images and thoughts and feelings. It's awkward. So many years ago I stumbled upon the MBTI test. I landed on INFJ and I was like, "Cool, I'm like Gandhi," and that was pretty awesome. Fast forward a couple of years and I take the test again. INFJ. And again. INFJ. Just about every year, for the last 20 years. INFJ, INFJ, INFJ. Always. Now I'm no psychologist, I'm not from the Church of Jung (though I hear they have a lovely annual bake sale), I'm not an expert on MBTI - but as a student of myself I delve into as much information as I can about it.…

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