Social Media is the worst.

If you are interested in where I am and the kind of content I am producing, I encourage you to find me in the following places. That’s right, drag this Introvert out of his comfy hidey-hole and in to the harsh light of the internet! Have no mercy! Comment on things, send me emails! I can take it. DO YOUR WORST!

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OKAY! Whew. Now that we’re past that form that you most definitely filled in, here are some other places you can catch me:

YOUTUBE! If you’re up for watching an awkward adult fumble his way through trying to share his trials and tribulations with you, just go here:

INSTAGRAM! Once in awhile I put up a selfie, or a picture of my dog or something!

I am NOT on Facebook, or Twitter, and I’m not going to be for the foreseeable future.

COVERT EMAIL: Let’s face it. I don’t people, you don’t people. Why don’t you just drop me a line through this website, and we can not-people together.

In Case Of Introverted Emergencies, if you are motivated to send me a message, please understand the following:

1) If you are a family member, please don’t. Sorry Mom.

2) If you are a friend of mine, please don’t. Instead, come up to me in public and ask me all kinds of personal questions in public settings. 

3) Otherwise, feel free to write, express your feelings, etc. etc. I’m sure I will look at it at some point, compose a detailed response in my head, then write back something completely awkward like, “Hahaha hi.”

Seriously though, it’s cool. Write to me!