I don’t believe in “Writer’s Block” because I don’t think there’s some mythical force preventing you from throwing words up onto a screen.

I DO believe that sometimes, your brain is not able to function in a creative way – maybe that’s what you’d call writer’s block, I just call it, “Having a shit-ass day.” There’s nothing blocky about it.

So what I end up doing when I’m having shit-ass writing days is to find a way to occupy my typical writing time with other things. Editing (a soul-sucking chore, to be sure), or writing anything OTHER than my current work in progress, or polishing up some outlining, maybe a little research, etc. All of these things help the project move along in secondary ways when the characters just aren’t speaking to me.

My latest adventure has been getting a YouTube channel up and going:

A fun project to be sure, and while it doesn’t make direct progress on the #WIP, it does serve my creativity spark in other ways, particularly when it feels like that spark is nowhere to be found.

I think it’s an important technique to remember regardless of what you enjoy as a hobby. If you’re a photographer and you’re thinking all of your photo-ing is complete shit, well, work on tweaking the gear, composing shots, sketching out ideas, anything to give it all a boost.

For me, doing videos does actually open up an additional can of worms, in that I’ve got to get past both anxiety and introversion in order to put myself out there, then develop that understanding that I’m trying to make progress here. It’s not going to be perfect, and not everyone is going to like it.

That’s the hardest part. But this is what commitment and hard work looks like. It can be a little intimidating, but in the end, the reward is that you did something you once doubted you could accomplish.

That is worth everything.