Ten. Thousand. Words

I know it’s not a “HUGE” total in the grand scheme, but for an aspiring writer trying to focus on writing ONE THING, 10,000 is quite a personal mark.  So, go me.

I’m writing everything (as explained in a prior post) with Ulysses, an amazing app/tool for organizing thoughts.  It’s built exactly how I think, which is why I dig it so much.  Not too fancy, not too complicated – but still with enough features to navigate quickly and just get to the task of putting words down.

I actually hit the 10K mark some time ago, but it wasn’t the real 10K mark.  When I write, I write pieces, and sometimes out of order (that’s just me giving up on my brain), so TOTAL words as far as notes, outlines, character descriptions and snippets, plus the actual 1st draft are somewhere in the realm of 16,000, but the first draft total – that is start to finish (up to my last stopping point) crossed the 10K threshold some time ago.  There is about 3,000 of the remaining 6,000 words that I’ll be plugging in to the story at a later date.

Is this celebration worthy?  Well for me, yeah, it really is.  Maybe not shout-from-the-rooftops worthy, but definitely worthy of a pat on the back.

My initial hope was to nail the story down at around 40,000 words.  So a quarter of the way through?  Eeeeeehhhhhh I’m not sure about that.  It seems like I’m not quite at the quarter point, but I’m trying not to stay on a strict timeline or word-count total, and just let it flow organically.

Besides, after editing, it may end up being a 5,000 word short story.


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