I was fortunate enough recently to be asked to write a Foreword in my friend Eric’s book, “A Green Winter in Mosul, Iraq.”


The process of writing something like a Foreword was quite alien to me. It’s a very personal piece of writing. And while I feel like I do fine coming up with, I don’t know, zombie jokes and ridiculous scenarios in short stories. Giving something as serious as someone’s memories from the Iraq Invasion the attention it deserves from a perspective of personally knowing that individual ...

… well that’s difficult for a very internal INFJ like yours truly.

Still, I’m very proud of the man for writing his memories down, and I feel that what he shares is a very important perspective – not the glorification of war, but the simple act of a family man (and new father) making his way through a country covered in dust and conflict.

It’s one of those things that’s out of my comfort zone to write, and it was out of his comfort zone to go through. I feel like I honored that through the Foreword, and his memories are both touching and revealing. If you’ve stumbled upon this corner of the internet and you’d like to support a good cause, pick it up. All proceeds go to the awesome V2VG charity to help veterans and first responders and their families.