So I have this idea for a project, and it’s mostly formed around the fact that I’m a technology junkie with a whole bunch of equipment that I MIGHT AS WELL USE for some kind of non-nefarious purpose.

Video Blogging Setup. Nice background, some light, cam and audio.


Here’s a portion of my basic set-up.  Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera for relatively close-up, documentary-style video, a Newer mic I picked up on Amazon for about 20 bucks, hooked into a basic 4-channel mixer that’s plugged into a lovely Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder.

If all of that sounds super fancy, it’s not.  Okay the camera is super fancy but I’ve had that anyway and didn’t purchase it for this particular project which I’m kind of starting but kind of re-doing (it’s a thing with me, I’m a bit of a perfectionist in certain respects).

This entire setup (Camera NOT included) can be had for about $200 (the TASCAM is about half of that), you could easily use a phone camera, personally I like the way the Canon handles light and portrait (fuzzed out) background, and the colors seem to pop a bit more.  The iPhone X does a lovely job as well, but it wasn’t getting quite the look I wanted, so I stuck with Canon.

I’m recording a series of short videos documenting my writing journey from book conception to book finish, and hopefully publishing.  The idea here is to help others along the way who may have had the same struggles that I have, and to simply have documentation of the process, something I can show the kids some day (when they care, which they may never, until I’m dead, which is totally cool, because guilt-trip from the grave is epic).

Anyway it’s quite a crazy thing trying to manage some A/V media as well as writing a book as WELL as blogging about things, but at the same time, this is all fun stuff and in my little world.

As long as I don’t really have to people, I’m good.  🙂

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