This is a small character piece for the writing prompt “If you were going to go blind in a year, what would you want to see?”

I decided to have fun and throw this prompt at one of my characters, Avery Armstrong. He’s an awkward INFJ, insecure, and smitten with his best friend, Simone. Here’s a little interview style scene I did with him, covering the question above.


“If you were going to be blind in a year, what would you want to see.”

“Well.” Avery sighed. “I mean sunsets are cool and all, I don’t know, beautiful stuff? Puppies or babies or something?”

“Really? That’s it? Puppies and babies?”

Avery fidgeted. “Um, okay I can probably do better than that. It’s just kind of embarrassing to open up, you know?”

“Well, try.”

“Could you maybe, uhh, turn off the camera?”

“No, sorry.”

“Well okay then. Um, I’d just spend time with my friend Simone.”


“I like her smile,” Avery said, “It brings me a lot of comfort.”

“How long have you two known each other?”

Avery looked to the ceiling in thought, “Um, since we were kids. I climbed a tree outside her house when I was like 8. I was stuck up there crying. She came out of her house to play, heard me, and climbed up there with me just to make me feel better. In an instant I forgot all my fear. She said I was silly – she had no fear. Helped me down. We were just 8 but she wiped my tears away and I can still remember her smile on that day.”

“You’d have a whole year before going blind, is that all?”

Avery paused and thought for a moment, looking down at his shoes. A smile slid across his face, “Yeah, actually. I could spend a lifetime looking at her smile and it would never get old. If I knew I would never see it again, I’d spend as much time as I could memorizing it. Every single day.”