In early 2018, I made the decision to start a YouTube channel. Now at this point, I was no stranger to social media, having run business FaceBook pages, and a stint as a podcast host for 6 months (I had even, in 2014, had a local AM radio show, so I get it).

So I set up the camera, and recorded my first video.

Then deleted it.

And on and on that went until 2019 hit. Tragedy struck in February of 2019 when my older brother passed away from heart complications in a sudden and heartwrenching moment (You can watch the video detailing that story here).

I decided that I couldn’t wait. Life is short. It was time to write, time to record, and time to let myself be free and out there because I know other people struggled like me.

The channel was born.

That it was nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing to put myself out there would be an understatement. The channel plugged along and I had some fun for a few months, then … bang.

A two week period saw thousands of subscribers, thousands of comments, and thousands of watch hours piling up.

Something was working. That something was simple authenticity. I have received emails and messages from across the world in such a short period of time, and most all of them say:

“Thank you. You understand me.”

People, we’re INFJs. We are aliens. Damn right I get you. 👽

I don’t do the YT thing to become famous or to make billions. I do it because I enjoy it, I can speak freely, hold myself accountable, record my thoughts and my life for my kids, and help others along the way. It’s everything. It has built a community of people who feel like aliens, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

There is more content to come, of course. Better production, better audio and video (though it’s pretty damn good right now) and more words to be awkwardly said. GO THERE AND SUBSCRIBE, says I!

7 thoughts on “YOUTUBE”

  1. Hey David, let’s be friends! Your candid honest approach on YouTube is addictive and inspirational. As an INFJ myself, I often find writing hard and I can always find all the excuses not to. How are some of the most successful ways you have dealt with procrastination? Also, a follow up question…(since I know you have probably thought a lot about it as an INFJ)…Where do you see yourself in 20 years? ?

    1. Hi Kim! Let’s be friends! 🙂

      I appreciate the compliment, I’m really glad you stick around and watch! I’ve been greatly enjoying getting to know people and interacting! Can I save these questions for Video #50? These are good ones! Thank you so much for reaching out! I appreciate you!

  2. Hi David,
    I came across your channel last night and have watched about ten of your videos. I’m about your age and am so grateful to hear you speak of things that up until now, I’d thought I was alone in thinking and feeling. I just started your video on fighting depression, and had to stop the video six minutes in and find a way to contact you to thank you. I was just told the other day— while attempting to voice how I was feeling about something — that I sounded like an angsty teenager (at this point in your video, you were voicing a concern that maybe you would come across as an angsty teenager). In my instance, rather than hearing my feelings, I was being judged because of my feelings. I have felt sad ever since that interaction because I’ve been considering whether or not I should just keep my thoughts to myself all of the time and further hide who I am, thus letting my light fade just that much more. I exist feeling so out-of-place around others and being told I sounded angsty just made me feel even more misunderstood and disconnected. So, thank you for speaking from the heart. Thank you for the chuckles. And thank you for starting your channel and then coming back to it. You’re right, going out on a limb and sharing some personal writings and experiences is reaching others who yearn to feel connected…even if it’s over the Internet. Thank you for being brave.

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thank you so much for writing! And thank you so much for this sentiment, it truly means so much to me to hear from people, particularly if they are struggling and something I said or created can resonate.

      I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you!

      Remember, you aren’t alone, and you are allowed to feel the way you do. If other people have a hard time or misunderstand you, that’s on them, not you.

      I wish you the absolute best, and I hope you stick around, there are a lot of amazing people in this tiny growing community that are genuinely amazing. Connect with them!

      Best to you!


  3. Hi David.
    You know me as Amber on YouTube. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon you. I feel I will learn a lot from you and I hope you have much success. Can not wait for future videos. I hope I can get to the point of doing more videos and stuff too.

    1. Hi Amber! Sorry for the delay getting back to you here! Glad you connected as well! Thank you so much!

  4. Hi David! I love your candor, self-effacing humor, insights, articulate thoughts and that you are an INFJ. I too am a writer–unpublished, but always asked why I don’t and I don’t because YOU do it for me & others with clarity & panache. Thanks for talking about how hard it is to be accepted, to be aware of others’ expectations but to veer from co-dependent relationships & narcissists who sabotage our loyalty & energy. Thank you for sharing about your brother; it is clear that your work honors him while it also gives joy & meaning to your own mission in life. I have 3 brothers who would benefit from listening to your YouTube videos and cut me some slack, not because I’m their only sister but because I’m an INFJ. I will die and they will never know who I am–yet it’s clear that you do! What a gift for 2020 to have someone see me with clear vision, not just the part of me that is annoyingly intuitive & sensitive, but creative & present & verbal & introspective & lacking in self-care all the while I’m creating an ‘experience’ others living their version of a ‘defining moment’ ( a birth, a milestone anniversary, a moment of success or extreme failure). No money is exchanged for materializing sentiments in tableaux or prayers that can (are) written off as expendable. Decades of devaluation of my INFJ gifts has been a lonely experience. Now, I feel less lonely knowing a man who likes hats would like me if by kismet we met at a coffee shop. If you’re ever in Newburyport, MA, the coffee’s on me! Thanks for the hope, the sincerity in your voice, the solid grasp of INFJ cognitive perceptions & that you see invisible cue cards when you speak publically. So weird we have that.

    Wondering: Are you Catholic? (I am) You have a delicate world-view that seems holy and inclusive and forgiving–and still relatable!
    Do you hug people? (I do). Often, this leads the recipient to tears. Many experience life as an ‘untouchable’ and this one gesture with
    feeling (fe) gets the recipient back into the human race.

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