William. St. Denis

On May 14th, 1915, at 10:53 PM, William St. Denis jumped to his death from atop the Crooked River Railroad Bridge in Terrebonne, Oregon. It was at that moment he became Death’s Caretaker. At the start of this journey, William has no idea why he ended his own life, only that he came back from his death with a job to do – take care of Death, Herself.

The first time I died was 1915. I was 26 years old. Then I died again in 1923. Then again a few years later. Again, and again and again. And now here I am. Death was with me every time. You’d think being 26 forever would be incredible. It isn’t. Looks aren’t everything, kid. Doing what I do takes its toll in unseen ways. It’s ironic, I suppose, that the one thing keeping me alive is Death.

William St. Denis, Chapter 3 of The Caretaker

Fast-forward a century and William is a jaded, cynical loner, straddling two realities. Any connection he makes – friends or relationships – all result in the same depressing end. When you are gifted with unnaturally long life and an inability to truly die, life’s meaning changes. William is purposeless and apathetic. He carries Death with him in the form of an ancient blade. As Death’s Caretaker, his job is to protect her in her vulnerable, inanimate state.

William’s journey is about discovery – uncovering his history and understanding why he was chosen as Death’s Caretaker. A single event ends up changing the course of William’s story, and threatening to alter the fabric of our reality in the process.


William is afraid to be in love, but love works in strange ways. His only happiness comes from being with Destiny.

I know every hole in that big heart of yours. I know how many more scars you will collect. I know the pain. We’re both so lonely.

Destiny, Chapter 2 Of The Caretaker

Fate is complicated, and William’s relationship with Dee (Destiny) has the potential to save the world, or end it.

Elise Campbell

Elise is alone, homeless, and making her way through Philadelphia when she meets William St. Denis. That chance encounter sends Elise on her own incredible journey as she gets pulled into the world of Concepts. As the pair become closer, it’s their strong bond through shared loss and loneliness that solidifies their friendship, and shapes the very nature of fate itself.

Face it, Caretaker, we’re our only friends. Like it or not, you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to always agree, you know.

Elise Campbell, Chapter 16 of The Caretaker

Duncan “The Deceiver”

Just when I thought I was through to you, you’re back to the old legendary William St. Denis. You are an emotional over-thinker who can analyze people and situations in a blink, but when it comes to what you are, you have no clue.

Duncan The Deceiver is a performer, illusionist, and Guardian of Deception, himself. As a Guardian, he has unnatural speed and strength to match his unwavering dedication to tradition and balance. When Duncan weaves his way into William’s journey both the stakes and the tension explode.


Even though William has lived for more than a century, he’d never had a chance to talk to Love face-to-face. Love can be strange.

Love isn’t all roses and chocolate. It’s not forever. Sometimes it hurts. The deep longing of knowing there is something you cannot have puts love into focus, does it not? Longing is the ultimate amplifier, my friend. That is the experience of loving.

Love, Chapter 9 of The Caretaker


Unpredictable, intimidating, and ambitious, Deception’s true motivations are complex and deep. Deception’s hunger for manipulation draws everyone and everything into his orbit.

Deception walks the real-world as a shape-shifter, changing his appearance to garner any advantage he can find.

You’ll watch as he breaks every bone in her body, shreds her alive, and sends her into the room under the crack in the door, piece by piece. He’s very patient, you know. He’ll take his time.

Deception, Chapter 26 of The Caretaker