The serene beaches of the purple sea – where the journey begins.

Don’t be fooled by the comedic nature of Space Pew Pew – the worlds, civilizations, and stakes are as high and fully realized as you can imagine. Deep in the universe lies a plethora of dangers and possibilities that the crew must navigate in order to find their way.

Within the Space Pew Pew universe there are wars going on, black markets, intrusive government organizations, shadowy forces, and incredible technology.

Alex, Toshiro, and the S-T crew are in a constant battle to stay alive in the deep reaches of space. While danger may be around every random space-rock, that also means a host of opportunities to get jobs, get paid, and get rich.

Language barriers can be solved with some technological tweaks, jobs can be taken up by any number of “fixers” willing to make connections for a healthy share of the take, and everyone is ready to pay a smuggler to keep their hands clean.

Bioluminescent Yarg – apparently they have medicinal urine!

Whenever the crew lands, they have no idea whether they are in a hostile or friendly environment. Some planets are a literal paradise, while others are teeming with dangerous bioluminescent fauna, ready to trample and destroy any foreign biological entity.

Navigating all of these hazards is part and parcel for the crew of the S-T in their journey. Every member of the crew is searching for something, and they all need one another to survive.

Guildmasters of Interplanetary Protection

Universal currency is strictly controlled, and while that makes it easy to pick up a living specimen of sentient space-cacti, it also means that absolutely any transaction can be traced, tracked down, and validated.

Illicit activities carry more danger than normal when every transaction can be traced and examined in an instant. The G-I-P is ever-present, and always watching. As Alex and Toshiro are alerted to new opportunities by their fixer, the level of danger rises …

The infamous markets of Theta XVI

Throughout your time reading and adventuring with Alex and Toshiro aboard the S-T, you’ll find a huge variety of locations, life-forms, adventures, and hilarity. Regardless of how far away your imagination can take you, the residents of our far-away universe experience emotions just like you – love, longing, frustration, and triumph. Space Pew Pew may be comedy, it may be out-of-this-world, but at it’s core it is a human story with a great deal of heart.

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