Where do I even begin?

Six months ago it was a joke, now you can MEET THE CREW and EXPLORE THE WORLD as this word count is growing at a great pace! (And don’t forget – get updated!)

What started as a gag on Twitter turned into a mock book cover for a story that didn’t exist. So, I decided to write the story.


I’m no stranger to wacky humor in stories, usually of the dark variety. This story set me free. I had an absolute BLAST writing the main characters – Alex and Toshiro. An odd couple to the core, they can’t stand each other, and can’t exist without each other. I love their dynamic, and I adore writing ridiculous dialogue. Throw in a crazy cast of characters, and what you have is a raucous romp across the universe filled with heart and humor. If I’m being totally honest here, this is the kind of project where I could fill book after book of their adventures.

I’ve always been a fan of great stories, comedy, and space. I loved Dr. Who (10, please and thank you!), Cowboy Bebop, and Firefly. I grew up watching stupid 80s movies like Ice Pirates, Explorers, and Spaceballs. Galaxy Quest remains an all-time favorite. Throw in Babylon 5, The Expanse, a sprinkle of Star Trek and Star Wars, a dash of Red Dwarf, and here we are.

All of these influences shine in Space Pew Pew and as I work my way through to a finished novel I remain incredibly excited to share it with everyone!

Check out the characters, and be sure to follow me on all the things for updates!