You have the book, now experience the author-curated playlist! To accompany this raucous space adventure, I’ve gone and hand-selected a series of tunes for your enjoyment as an additional way to immerse yourself into the world of SPACE PEW PEW.

Each group of three songs corresponds to a chapter in the book. Songs 1-3 correspond to Chapter 1, Songs 4-6 to Chapter 2, etc. I would highly suggest listening to a few songs then reading the corresponding chapters, or reading first and listening after for a different perspective on the mood and tone of the story.

I’m big on listening to music while writing, but I tend to listen to repeat favorites with limited lyrics. Only a few of my personal “listen-while-writing” collection are within this list. Instead, I devoted time searching my brain (and Spotify) for tunes that relate to the events within a scene. You may find some of your favorites in here, some of them may make you laugh within the context of the book, and some may be new artists for you to explore!

Enjoy the journey, and thanks for supporting SPACE PEW PEW!