Pictured: Richard Thurston III – Hollywood movie mogul, open misogynist, government propagandist, and producer of high-brow cinema franchises including “Bimbo Whores from Planet Bimbo,” and “Whore Bimbos from Planet Whore!” Read more about The Heroes and The Villains of The Wokepocalypse!

In Wokepocalypse, you’ll follow the adventures of Avery Armstrong, a hapless, down-on-his-luck 20-something not-so-secretly in love with his best friend, Simone. When Simone is at the epicenter of a biolab leak, Avery enlists the help of friends old and new to save the love of his life as the world around them spirals deeper into danger and absurdity.

In the shadows, a slimeball politician, a reprehensible Hollywood producer, and a particularly nefarious gender studies professor look to align with – and profit from – promoting the newest shiny object in the culture war:

The Retroactively Deceased!

As more people become infected – and even more begin identifying as zombies* in hopes to score cultural identity points – all hell breaks loose in an epic clusterfuck of intersectionality, identity politics, logical fallacies, and of course … GORE!

Will Avery be able to save his best friend and love Simone before it’s too late?

Will Compound 26 destroy the America we once knew and loved?

Will Avery’s friends value loyalty, or self-preservation?

Will the government HELP or HURT the circum– okay that’s not a realistic question to put here, we all know they’re going to make shit worse.

Who is more dangerous, the BRAIN EATERS or the BRAINLESS, identity-driven clout-chasers?

Would you enjoy the schadenfreude of watching identity-obsessed weirdos being devoured by their own?

Do you like some satire with your social commentary when reading works of fiction?

The Wokepocalypse is coming in Summer 2023! Be sure to Meet the Heroes, Meet the Villains, and follow me on the socials for updates about this awesome project!

Authors Note:

I’ve been advised to inform you that if you support this book you are a transphobic, capitalist, bigoted, anti-equality, genocide-supporting, fascist Rethuglican, likely fat-phobic because reasons, anti-choice, misogynistic oppressor of, like, human rights or whatever that probably just wants to LITERALLY KILL people that are just trying to live their life in peace you fascist, warmongering, classist, literally, like, privileged literal piece of literal, like, poop. Literally. Or maybe you just like absurdity. Also, I apologize for the insensitive term “zombie.” We here at davibadurina.com fully support the marginalized retroactively deceased community and consider ourselves allies of this oppressed class of non-living persons. I personally have friends who are retroactively deceased, so, like, I get it. Happy Retroactively Deceased Pride Day!