What Is Going On Around Here?

It’s a re-model, a re-making, a re-branding, a re-whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing.

It’s weird trying to get Author-Mode going. In a lot of ways, the easiest thing about being a writer is just writing. It’s the other stuff – social media, web presence, branding, content management, marketing, blah blah blah – all of that stuff is insanity compared to sitting down, and writing words.

One of those activities is pure and creative. The other is like wandering through a hellscape with singed skin and malevolent beasts hunting you at every turn. Alas, here we are.

I’m happy with where this website re-design is going. Every image on here (except for, like, my picture … and the book cover) was generated through MidJourney AI. That means hours of tweaking and finalizing sets of commands to get images created at least close to what I’m envisioning for them.

The result? A site with unique images, that serves as a hub for all the things I’ve got going on. I hope you enjoy it, as I’ve enjoyed creating this space. See you around!