Suspiciously Professional …

Last year, as many of you were aware if you watched videos I’ve uploaded in 2022, I attended a gathering of authors, writers, gamers, and fiction fans called LibertyCon!

LibertyCon is a literary convention put on by Baen Books in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There are limited tickets sold (it sells out of about 1000 attendees in about an hour). You get to hang out with fellow fans of all things fiction – typically sci-fi, fantasy, etc. – and schmooze with some of the biggest authors around. All told, it’s an incredible event that gets you up close and personal with professionals in the industry, connecting with like minds, and having a grand time listening to drunk people do karaoke (gotta have selling points).

While there, I was fortunate enough to talk to a couple of people involved with the convention, and when I told them my story about The Caretaker, what it took to write it, and a little bit about my philosophy in terms of writing, they were invested and interested in my story and my work.

So I handed over a book and a business card, and that was that.

Fast forward 6 months, I receive an email from the organizer of said convention, asking me to be one of the “PROS!”

Little old moi! What this means, is opportunity. I’ll be attending this incredible convention again this year, but this time as an author who will be sitting on panels, discussing topics with fans, friends, and fellow authors, and I’ll even have an opportunity to share my work and my words with convention-goers!

Head on over to the LibertyCon Guest website and give my name a click to read my submitted bio! I’m incredibly grateful this opportunity has landed in my lap, and I cannot wait to get there and enjoy every second with great people and great minds.

Opportunities don’t happen on their own, you know. It’s a matter of getting up in the morning, accomplishing what you can, and getting “out there.” Terrifying, I know. You create the opportunities that come your way, and while I’m not always perfect or getting it right, I’m damn good at understanding an awesome thing when it falls out of the sky, and this definitely qualifies.

Look for more updates soon!

<3 David