All The Projects!

It has been a nutty few weeks in the wild and woolly world of my brain. Here’s an update on everything I’ve got going on:

First – The Caretaker! Yes, I still have plans to create the audiobook, it’s a matter of finalizing the space, and setting aside uninterrupted (and non-noisy) time to record!

Expected Release: Don’t ask me this, I’ve never created an audiobook, and I’m figuring all this shit out in real time. I wanted it done yesterday, believe me I’m as irritated with my own schedule as you are.

Second – The Joy-Jitsu Handbook! With my Budo Brothers Buddies we are creating a collaborative book about the art of Joy Jitsu – extracting joy and fulfillment from our lives in a world that is truly crap-tastic these days. This is an inspirational book with plenty of personal anecdotes and fascinating philosophy (both East and West) that you can consume when you are feeling all of that aimless stress in your daily life. This book is all about perseverence, gratitude, and much, much more.

Expected release: Mid 2023!

Third – The Wokepocalypse! (This is a working title) – This satirical social commentary tale features a story of love and friendship mired in the insane chaos of a politically-correct zombie apocalypse. In this modern day Wokepocalypse, true danger lies not with the brain-eaters, but with the outraged brainless, hell-bent on giving zombies equal rights and representation in our daily life. Mindless intersectionality has never been more fun! The logical conclusion to the Woke Mind Virus is coming to a bookshelf near you!

Expected release: Mid-Late 2023!

Lastly – The Steward! In this mind-twisting and considerably darker second installment of the Caretaker/Concept series, William St. Denis’ journey continues! Expect more concepts, a deeper dive into human psychology and emotions, and some anxiety-inducing confrontations that are not to be missed. Let’s take everything in The Caretaker, and crank it to 11.

Expected release: Late 2023 – Early 2024