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The Wokepocalypse is an exploration of the mind virus that is woke ideology taken to a ridiculous (yet somehow, plausible) conclusion. It all starts with one simple question:

“If zombies* were real in today’s society, would we grant them equal rights?”

In a world not unlike our own, the fight for wokeness has a new identity – humans infected with lab-leaked Compound 26 – a deadly biological mind-virus that twists up the victim’s brainwaves and turns them into (mostly) mindless, protein-starved crazies! And you know what’s high in protein?

BRAINS! (Though they’re also high in cholesterol, so as with anything, moderation is key.)

This idea for this project popped up about 10 years ago, and it seemed wholly implausible to a ridiculous degree, until modern social discourse took hold, of course. Don’t just sit here and think this book is an attack on a specific group. Nobody is safe. Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Capitalist or ‘Democratic Socialist’ (I see your ghost, Karl, you can’t fool me) – you are all fair game in the sphere of satire.

Remember kids, words aren’t violence unless you write them on a brick and throw them at someone’s teeth. So let’s add a little humor back into the culture war, because it’s better to laugh at yourself than be a miserable outrage machine.

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